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Did you know that Vancouver offers the second largest Chinatown community in all of North America? It’s a fact! And within this cultural city gem, you will find unique shopping options, dining destinations, and food vendors all well worth the experience.It was once a location where mostly the Chinese population flocked to due to the traditional nature of the environment, while other ethnic groups remained on the outskirts due to the intimidating steep divide of language and culture

Today, Chinatown is a place where every ethnic group enjoys the trendy divide, ironically giving people a destination in which to get together. Whether you are looking for a cultural dining experience, wishing to wow your date with a ethnic restaurant option, or simply want to meet friends for authentic Chinese and Asian cuisine …Chinatown delivers all these options and more!

Top Chinatown Restaurants

Phnom Penh – is a well-known Chinatown restaurant original that offers Cambodian and Vietnamese cuisine. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch with coworkers or an ethnic dinner, this flavourful option is sure to please!

Bao Bei Chinese Brasserie – is more of a trendy Chinatown restaurant that offers a Western twist to their dishes for those who are more apprehensive about the culture shock of dining on “other worldly” dishes. Whether it’s a table for 10, 2 or 1, it’s a true dining delight!

Ba Le Sandwich Shop – is a brilliant alternative to the “eat fresh!” sub chain option. These Vietnamese (banh mi) subs offer a flavourful mouthful with each bite, and are priced economically at around $3. Cheap, flavourful, and cultural fun!

Bestie – if you feel like getting your German on in Chinatown, this beer pouring, sausage-o-plenty, pretzel ready establishment is sure to please any palate!

The Union – this communal dining option is as trendy as they come. With wooden tables and street light fixtures, the warehouse feel is nothing short of fabulous, and the music is likely to please even the DJ-centric crowd. The cocktail list is plentiful, and the Asian themed menu is not in the least bit intimidating to any novice Chinatown goer.

Other Chinatown Restaurants to Try

Other honourable mentions include: the eccentric and oh-so-good Mamie Taylor’s, the freshly shucked oysters at Oyster Express, the diner’rrific Goldstone Bakery and Restaurant, or the take-home delights of New Town Bakery.

Not all restaurant roads in Chinatown lead down an overtly ethnic path, so if you’re feeling even slightly adventuresome, hit it up for your next hungry pursuit!