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With new innovations, the marketing environment is getting more complex for some. For the rest, it is getting simplified. Realtors, who are not initiated to these marketing tactics, do find these tasks complex. But, I am here, happy to help. I’ve been sharing simplified lead generation tactics that don’t require core knowledge. My goal is to make every realtor aware of these real estate lead generation tactics so that they can generate leads by themselves without spending much money.

This article of the ultimate 5 point guide for real estate lead generation via Social Media contains

i. 5 Steps to Nail the Real Estate Lead Generation via Twitter
ii. 5 Best CRM Software for Real Estate Lead Generation
iii. 5 Social Media Mistakes Every Real Estate Agent should Avoid Making
iv. 5 Google+ Tactics for Real Estate Lead Generation

Let’s begin with

5 Steps to Nail the Real Estate Lead Generation via Twitter

1. Find your friends in the locality you serve your real estate services. Twitter gives you options to import your contacts from Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and Linkedin. So, this step is easy for you. Once, you have imported the contacts go to the next step.

2. Follow friends of your friends that are local or belong to the area you serve.

3. Create lists based on their locality or business niche. People receive notification when you add them in the list, so don’t give an obvious name to the list such as “Vancouver leads”. Give the name something like “Vancouver Friends” or “People from Vancouver”.

4. See, who’s tweeting what in the lists. Don’t introduce your business first. People will start feeling that you are spamming. Engage in the genuine conversation with them. Talk like you would talk to a newly made friend.

5. Once a god relationship is built on twitter, ask them about their work. Make sure you take the 5th step only after you have built a successful relationship using step 4. If they are tweeting something related to what you have written a blog about, pitch your blog to them to shed more light on the topic for them because that’s when the metal’s hot.

Now, let’s discuss about 5 Best CRMs for Real Estate Lead Generation

Listing the best real estate CRMs


1. Wise Agent

Fully loaded with features such as contact tools, time management, marketing tools, transaction management, lead tracking, document storage (unlimited), 24/7 support and free training Wise Agent is one of the most recommended CRMs in the real estate industry. It is designed for real estate brokers and agents specifically.

WiseAgent CRM


2. Top Producer

Another popular CRM for real estate brokers and real estate agents is Top Producer. Top producer has managed to grab a good user base in the past because of its integration with lead capture sources such as Zillow, Trulia, Boomtown, and Also, the developers of Top Producer keep on introducing new features with every update. You can create specific action plans to send a quick response to your leads and you can even sync the lead alerts directly to your smartphone.

Top Producer CRM


3. Contactually CRM

The tedious decision of who to follow up with what and when is simplified by Contactually. From categorizing your contacts to making cold calls, everything has been simplified to help you build better relationships and generate more business.

Contactually CRM


4. ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks CRM began as a CRM for every business niche. The real estate industry recently got its attention and the attention is growing. The key features of ProsperWorks include email integration, lead tracking, and opportunity management. It offers you a robust platform fully equipped with features.

Prosperwork CRM


My favorite one

5. InfusionSoft CRM

InfusionSoft too started as an e-commerce CRM, but it is spreading its legs for other industry niches. Its features offer creating high-performing marketing campaigns, automated sales process, email marketing, lead scoring, contact management or premium level. I’ve been using it for quite a long time and I am very satisfied with its features.

Infusionsoft Logo


Coming to Our Next 5 Point Segment

5 Social Media Mistakes Every Real Estate Agent should Avoid Making


1. Posting Too much about your business

Wherever I talk about content strategy whether it is website content, blogs or social media, I always tell realtors to maintain the 80-20 ratio to avoid any hustle. This means after every 4 non-promotional posts on Facebook, but one promotional post. Don’t overdo it by pitching the promotional posts. It repels the audience from your page.

2. Too much publishing or not at all publishing

In the beginning, I suggest you post 3-4 times a day regularly, and then after a month or so see what time is working best for you. Adjust your post count or scheduling based on the insight reports. Realtors make the mistake of not following the insight reports and keep on publishing random posts for fans.

3. Not sharing your Content

By ‘your content’ I don’t mean only promotional stuff. You can have your own informational blog where you give information to people. Remember the 4 non-promotional posts; you can publish posts from your blogs here including a link back to it. This way you do indirect promoting, which is actually good as there will be a CTA at the end of the blog.

4. Only Text

Again, when it comes to content, it doesn’t mean only text format it includes images, videos, GIFs and inforgaphics. Keep a mixture of all of these in your posts to keep your page interesting for your audience.

5. Inconsistency

Social media is the battle for patient one. You won’t see the results overnight. Realtors make the mistake of giving up too early in the social media marketing process. But they must understand that building a relationship with your audience, maintaining the brand value, this all takes time. This all demands its time. So, give time to it. Sit tight!
Last, but not the least!

5 Google+ Tactics for Real Estate Lead Generation

I decided to give this space to Google+ instead of writing a separate blog because, let’s face it; Google+ isn’t a successful social media channel. But we need it to fill the gap in our social media platform list and for one more reason.

Whenever anyone opens his/her gmail, Google+ notifications appear at the top right side of the page. Just like Linkedin Notification, Google+ takes you directly in the inbox.

Also, a verified Google business page increases credibility online. For these reasons, you must include Google+ in your lead generation campaign.

So, here are Google+ tactics for real estate lead generation

1. Posts with Hashtags

You can share your blogs on Google+ in a similar fashion as you do on Facebook. In addition, you can add Hashtags. Adding hashtags are a great way to showcase your posts in the searches.

2. Maintain the Profile

Even if you have decided to update a post only 3-4 times a week on Google+, don’t leave any loose ends with an incomplete profile. Your verified Google+ business page must be well represented online.

3. Interaction with Followers

It’s a social media channel, right? So, being social there is what you do and that you do interacting with your followers.

4. Community Sharing

Google+ is full of some really good communities. They are same as the groups with only one change and that is Google+ allows you to share one post in one community. If you share it to multiple communities, you break the rules. So, be careful while choosing which post will go in which community.

5. Keep it Natural

Do not only promote and promote and promote on your Google+ page. Remember the 80-20 rule? Publish one promotional post after 3-4 normal/inspirational/popular topic posts.

I hope all these points generate quality results for you as they did for me. If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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