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You are not the only one in the real estate market serving the people with better services. The real question is what makes you different from the others?

Answering this one question can open doors of opportunities for you
This can be your key to success that was locked for you for years. After reading this article, you’ll see every successful  real estate agent or realtor’s profile in a different way and find some common traits they possess.

These tips for realtors will shred out the unwanted tasks and efforts, save time and money, and let you focus on efficient marketing efforts ultimately lead your path to make you a Rockstar realtor.

1. Acquire the Gaps

fill the gap in real estate market

More than one Realtor is working in one location. And, where the market is hot, there could be more than 4. But there are areas of work that are less popular among the realtors. These areas hold a lot of potential for a newcomer to make and make his/her presence. These are the Gaps that you should cover. Take Vancouver real estate for instance. You can work on

• Vancouver Condos
• Vacation/Second Homes in Vancouver
• Fixer uppers in Vancouver
• Target First Time Home Buyers in Vancouver
• Newlyweds looking for a new home in Vancouver
• Retired personnel
• Distressed Properties

You can easily fetch clients by targeting a particular genre of clients and particular areas of work in Vancouver real estate. It’s like solving the jigsaw puzzle of getting into the market and leaving a mark by one block at a time.

2. Let People Feel Your Presence

Be a Rocking Realtor

I have continually mentioned in the above point about ‘leaving as a mark in the market’. That is because filling the gap in area of work is just one step; it won’t be enough if you don’t prove your worth to the people. Following the first tip for a realtor is a waste if you completely miss the second one.

Start gathering local data, meet the people, build your network, layout of the land. Reach out to local business owners and be the star of the locality. Be prepared with a pitch to tell them what you do and how your services are beneficial for them. You should look confident, well researched in your approach, and address the problems the local people usually face when they contact a realtor.

3. Funnel the Things to Become More Particular

priority for realtors

Say you are covering Vancouver Luxury Condos. Do you think this is particular area? Isn’t there any scope for more particularity? Yes, There is. It’s the type of luxury condos you sell. There are multi-million dollar properties, waterfront homes, properties with private pools, etc. There are people who look for these particulars while looking for their next home.

Why being so particular?

You have to make sense of how much business you can truly generate in a specific territory. If your target audience is 55+ age-group yet the average property holders in your area is in the mid 30’s, your rate of conversion will be very low.

Then again on the off chance that you work along the Florida coastline where there are truly many miles of beachfront property, finding your specialty takes more than promoting waterfront real estate. Consider vacation rentals or country estates with full property management services. The other parameters for being particular about properties;

• Metropolitan Areas
• Condos
• Foreclosures
• Oceanfront Properties
• Commercial Real Estate

4. Gulp in all the Local Information

Gulp information rocking realtor

One way to rule your area of work is to know all the ins and outs of it. You should play a role of an expert for your clients. This you can do by not limiting your services to just displaying properties and helping them legally. Take a step forward, and be a genuine advisor to the clients. And that you can do with knowing the local market, what has happened, what have been tried, tested in this market. Your local knowledge will also let you help clients in setting up their home. You can recommend them best place to get furniture, interior designer, and other local service providers.

5. Locals are Online Too

People are online rocking realtor

Online world does connect you worldwide, and it also lets you connect with locals. If you are working in the Vancouver real estate market, there are plenty of local groups on social media channels that operate regularly. Being regularly active in those groups and helping out people online will establish your reputation of an expert.

If you maintain your reputation online too, the local people will feel proud in working with you.
If you don’t find such groups, you can create one with an idea to let the locals help each other.

I am always there for you!

As a local realtor myself, I am always there to assist the young enthusiasts who would like to pursue a career in real estate especially in Vancouver real estate. If have any doubt in these tips for realtors,

Feel Free to CONTACT ME

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