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Get familiar with the real estate Buying process. Buying single family homes in Vancouver is one of the largest transactions most of us will ever be involved in. Still, many people spend much less time for it than they spend while buying a vehicle. That’s because of the unfamiliarity of the process of real estate in Vancouver Canada for many of us. Meanwhile, most people don’t understand the process at all. We don’t know what questions to ask while buying single family homes in Vancouver. We may sometimes take things for granted and rely on others when we shouldn’t. So it prudent to be aware as much as possible and always ask questions to gain valuable knowledge.

Buying single family homes in Vancouver is a major event, and we take care of the processes involved and ensure you understand  each step along the way.

Stick to a price range

Before starting to look for single family homes in Vancouver is to decide your budget. Whether you are buying it for your family or you want it to be a real estate investment Vancouver. We know that many of us extend or decrease or budget depending on the availability, size, location and condition of the home. Finalizing the budget before commencing the search saves time, money and most importantly, effort. Living in Vancouver, is a dream for many foreigners, is one of the largest and diverse cities in Canada. Prices of single family homes ranges drastically from as low as CAD $1,000,000 to $30,000,000.

Factors contributing to the price of the houses are location, size, age, ammenities and supply/demand. One of the key factors in deciding your budget is how big a home do you need, which depends on how big your family is. You can find single family homes in Vancouver starting from 1000 sq feet that includes 1-2 bedrooms, to huge 12000 sq feet mansions. If a real estate investment in Vancouver is your goal, pick a home that will be easily rented out. I can help you determine what works best for you.

Mastering the One Thing will Achieve Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller

Shortlist Preferable Areas in the City

Another key factor that will sort your search and make it easy is by selecting a couple of areas in the city where you are willing to settle. And in case of real estate investment Vancouver, look where people are settling the most. It is easy for the one who has been living in the city for some years, but for the one who recently moved into the city, it is advisable for them to explore the city first for at least a few months. Observe the surroundings, traffic, parks, accessibility to schools, hospitals and markets of each area. Then based on your new found knowledge, you can shortlist your favourite areas to settle.

The bigger the size of single family homes in Vancouver, the more dollars you need to shell out is NOT always true. Yes, more sq. feet does matter, but it does not always result in more price as location trumps here. The closer the home to downtown, the more expensive it gets, irrespective to its size. For many, accessibility and vicinity of the job location matters a lot too. People do not always want to commute far distances and time is a valuable item you can’t get back.

30 Days Before Relocating to Vancouver

Now that you have taken a couple days to adjust to the idea of your new career, and wrapped your head around some moving basics; before you start packing up all your worldly possessions, put aside imperative paperwork. Even with the best of intentions to label and organize like Martha Stewart, things can still tend to go missing. So having your paperwork in order, and in a known location, will help to ease potential moving stress. Put aside imperative paperwork such as:

  • Cheques (which are still required by many places for deposits etc)
  • Banking papers
  • Mortgage papers
  • Taxes filed in the past 3-5 years
  • Passports
  • Voting registration
  • Lease agreements
  • Birth certificate and social insurance info (if not carried in your wallet)
  • And a list of important phone numbers …because, lets be honest, none of us have them committed to memory anymore!

After you have all the imperatives in a safe place, ideally a brightly coloured box that is clearly labeled, begin labeling your other boxes and putting them in the appropriate rooms to begin packing, ensuring you are packing “can live without for 30 days” items so you’re not scrambling to find still needed items. Also, as you begin to pack, also begin to purge. Relocating to Vancouver is an excellent time to start fresh, and that means letting go of broken trinkets, old clothes you’ll truly never wear again, and large items you’re better off selling on Craigslist and replacing once in Vancouver. Remember …we’re on this earth to collect memories, not things!

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Hiring a Buyer’s Agent Is Now Mandatory

First, let’s get clear with the two commonly used terms in this market-

Seller’s Agent- One who represents the seller (vendor) and takes the listing.

Buyer’s Agent- One who represents the buyer (purchaser) and seeks out suitable homes to view.

When choosing and buying from the available single family homes in Vancouver or planning to buy real estate investment Vancouver, quite often people visit a real estate company website and contact one of their agents with a listing they are interested in. The agent, who is a Seller’s Agent will ask you questions and explain that they can only represent the seller. They have an option to refer you to another realtor or you can find someone yourself that can show you that property. If you are interested in different properties, then that realtor can help you as a Buyer’s Agent. The Listing Agent cannot assist the Buyer in writing an offer on that home anymore. BC Real Estate Council has changed rules for this type of Limited dual agency process – Not allowed anymore. In choosing a Buyers Agent, you will need to do your online research and read up on the top recommended real estate agents in Vancouver. You can read reviews of clients for realtors in Vancouver and see how well they present themselves online. Follow up your favourites with an email for questions to engage them in a conversation. Bottom line now is that you need your own real estate Buyer’s Agent to represent your best interests in owning a home. Reach out to me now to help start you in this process.

If you are working with your own agent, you will be professionally represented by an agent who is strictly a Buyer’s Agent working for you in getting the best deal for you on the chosen homes. An agent can get you the best return on your real estate investment Vancouver. As the seller pays all the commissions, having your own agent amounts to free professional services. It is these services as a Buyer’s Agent that we are proud to offer you.

Constant search is the best way

Now that you have decided to buy a single family home in Vancouver, your search begins. One of the key factors in getting the best deal is a constant search. Why a constant search? Because good deals don’t stay on standby for long. Always remember that there are hundreds, or maybe thousands who are looking for single family homes in Vancouver at the same time with the same criteria as yours, and most of them simply grasp the first deal they find attractive. Always keep yourself updated with the trends. Many who are searching for a property make a mistake of taking a break in the search, which in turn make them lose a lot of good deals as hundreds of single family homes in Vancouver are sold and bought weekly.

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Ask Yourself These Questions While Viewing The Property

  1. Are there severe cracks in or excessive or uneven settlement of the foundation?
  2. What size and shape is the lot? Is it fully serviced with sewage, water, gas, and electrical lines?
  3. Are the interior walls and ceilings solid? drywall or plaster? Is there any evidence of leaks or cracks?
  4. What types of floors are beneath the carpeting?
  5. Does it look like renovation work has been done? If so, are there copies of building, electrical and gas permits for this work? Plumbing work is covered by a building permit; however gas and electric work require separate permits.
  6. What is the condition of the electrical wiring?
  7. What type of heating system is it (forced air, radiant, etc.)? What kind of fuel is used? Is there a heat pump?
  8. Are the room sizes adequate for your family’s needs? Is the layout compatible with your habits?
  9. Is the kitchen suitable? Are there enough outlets and space for appliances? What about cabinets?

Don’t stress out

Finding a new single family home in Vancouver altogether is not at all an easy and instant task, you need to keep patience until you find your dream home. To keep yourself stress-free and secure for the deals, Hire an agent who’ll handle all the paperwork for you. These Buying Agents are experts in their field, relieving you from most of the stress. All that you have to do now is select your dream home from the available single family homes in Vancouver, and the rest of the procedure is all on me.  Reach out to me via email so I can answer all your questions when we meet.

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