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Continuing with the topic of generating real estate leads for realtors, this week, I will discuss 8 ways realtors can generate more leads from Facebook.

As there were many social media channels emerged after Facebook, marketers thought that Facebook will lose its charm for lead generation. It seemed this way a few years back, but Facebook is back in the game to be a business-centric platform. No digital marketing campaign is complete without a Facebook marketing strategy. The game has shifted from simple liking, commenting, and sharing to getting visitors on the website, fans signup on the website, and the potential leads filling out a form. Real estate industry is no exception. There are potential real estate leads for realtors on Facebook if only, you know how to pick them up.

Before I share my 8 ways for realtors to generate more leads from Facebook, you can go through my previous blog, if you haven’t read it yet.

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Now, let me share my 8 best tactics to generate real estate leads for realtors from Facebook

1. Use Best Performing Blogs on Facebook to Generate More Leads

Pick the best performing blogs on your website and share it on Facebook to generate more leads. Choose the best post text and schedule it on Facebook. Schedule it to the time when the audience interaction is high on your page. You can easily find this data in the Facebook insights.

TIP for Realtors: Make sure your real estate blog does have a CTA button that directs the audience to your Landing Page. And, CTA button must have a verbal phrase.

For Example: If your 5 years old blog is on ‘What to look while Buying Best Condos in Downtown Vancouver’ that has a CTA button text as ‘Schedule a Free Consultation’. Then, your Facebook post should look like

Facebook Post to Generate More Leads: Since 2013, these tips have helped many buyers choosing the right Condo! Explore your options by scheduling a free consultation

Chances of such posts generating more real estate buyer lead are more.

2. Sharing Landing Pages Directly on Facebook to Generate More leads

Here, we cut out the middleman – The Blog. If your landing page is informational and compelling, you can share it directly on Facebook. The landing page can be a lead generating offer, monthly subscription for an ebook, or entries for a webinar.

TIP for Realtors: Get your real estate related landing page designed by an inbound marketing expert for best results

For Example: You have a last month’s region wise detailed report of best-selling condos in Canada in a PDF format. The report tells which region got maximum sales, which region was costly, and so on. You want people to fill out a form on your landing page to get this report for free. So, your CTA button text will be ‘Download My Free Report’.

Facebook Post to Generate More Leads: Condos in Downtown Vancouver touched New Sale Heights. Last Month’s region wise sales report is here. Get yours for free!

Such posts instigate people to click on the link. These people later become your real estate buyer lead.

3. Pictorial Posts on Facebook to Generate More leads

It’s a no brainer, we all know now that Facebook posts with images have more engagement results that those without the images. To turn these high engagement posts into the lead generating posts, include links in the image descriptions. Keep a link of your website’s About Us page and Home Page in your Profile picture’s and cover photo’s description. You can design Facebook images specifically for offers for which you have made landing pages.

TIP for Realtors: Your image must say the message clearly and instigate people to click on the link mentioned in the description. Also, use shortened link of the original link using the Google tool.

For Example: Consider the example shared in the point no.2. Instead of adding only text, you can have an image designed related to the month report and write a message that directs toward the link mentioned in the description.­­­­

With pictorial posts, you go a level deep to catch your real estate buyer lead.­­­­

4. The Offer Specific Videos on Facebook to Generate More Leads

I told you that pictorial posts have higher engagement results, but Facebook Videos, have 135% higher reach than the pictorial posts. So, if you are turning up to Facebook for lead generation, gear up for some good video stuff for your viewers.

TIP for Realtors: In the description of the video, you can leave the link of your landing page same as in the pictorial posts. You can record the video in the office, or have dedicated videographer make a video for you. If it is an event that you are approaching, go live on Facebook a day before the event. Facebook’s live videos get more engagement than the normal videos. The ratio of people commenting on a live video is also more than those commenting on normal videos.

Example: The house you wish to sell immediately. You can shoot a live video of the inside view of the house and tell people to call you if they are interested in buying it.

With the virtual tour of the property; you close the gap between you and your real estate buyer lead.

5. Pin Posts on Facebook to Generate More Leads

Pinning posts on your Facebook page means giving more limelight to your lead generation posts. It’ll stay on top of your timeline. Anyone visiting your page will see the pinned post first no matter what else you have posted after pinning the post. You can text posts, pictorial posts, video posts; even live videos.

TIP: Keep the post related to the event or your offer pinned until the event is over or the offer expires.

Example: When you click on the down arrow on the top right side of the post, you see the below options. Just click on the pin to top of the page.

Once, you click on it, you will see your post on top of the page with the pinned sign with it

6. Optimize Your Facebook Page for The Offer You are Promoting for Generating More Leads

By optimizing your Facebook page for the offer you are promoting, you increase the chances of more reach of the offer and give more conversion options to the visitors. Facebook has allowed the page owners to set the page’s CTA button. You can set it for followers to ‘Sign Up’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Shop Now’, ‘Use App’, ‘Book Now’, ‘Play Game’, and ‘Watch Video’. The button has a fixed location on the page.

TIP: Depending on the offer, set up your page’s CTA button, the cover image, and the pinned post.

Example: Here are three types of page CTA buttons

7. Giveaways to Lucky Winners to Generate More Leads

When you want leads to sign up or subscribe to your newsletter or updates, you can even put it on a contest form.

Example Facebook Post: 7 Lucky Subscribers will get a cool XYZ Merchandise from. So, hit the subscribe button now!

TIP: You can gift them a paperweight, a table calendar, office accessories with your brand slip or logo on it. This way you promote your business with both hands. Make sure you run the competition in the region where you can deliver the gifts easily.

8. Last but not the least; Facebook Ads to Generate More Leads

All the above methods were somewhat Free-by-Facebook methods. But this one takes a nickel from your pocket but puts back some valuable prospects in return. So, it’s worth spending on a platform such as Facebook.

The money you spend on Facebook Ads to maximize your reach in your targeted audience is like a protein shake for your Facebook marketing. Even a newbie in facebook advertising can reach remarkable results and if you hire an expert to manage your Ads, the game can turn upside down. There are three types of ad formats you can choose from.

  1. Boosted Post: Text post, pictorial post, video post, you can boost any post with a condition that your boosted post mustn’t cross the set character limit for the paid ads. The text in the image should only cover the 20% of the image otherwise your ad won’t get the desired reach set for the budget.
  2. Column Ads: These ads appear on the right side of the Facebook’s news feed.
  3. News Feed Ads: These ads directly appear in the news feed. News feed ads have a higher engagement rate than the column ads, but they are also expensive than the column ads.

The purpose of these ads is to reach to the people who have not liked your page yet

Bonus Point: All the above-mentioned tactics are for a Facebook Page. Apart from a Facebook page, you can also promote an event by creating a particular event on Facebook and inviting people to attend it. You can even run an event ad to make it reach more people. Location wise, you can even create your real estate group where you update about the available properties in that particular location. In that group, only people from that location will be the members. So, there is a higher chance of them getting converted into potential customers.

Even if it is sales-centric, keep the content interesting and engaging for the reader!

Now you know that by not including Facebook in your digital marketing strategy how many potential real estate buyer leads you are leaving on the table.

I will be discussing more important tactics for realtors to generate real estate leads. So, stay tuned! It’s going to be a fun-filled lead generating ride.

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