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Selling your home is a big consideration, just as hiring a realtor is. So ensuring you ask your potential realtor the right questions, will result in whether you hire the right agent for you. So what are the most important questions to ask your realtor before selling your home?

Are You a Full Time Real Estate Agent?

There are a lot of realtors who work part time at their leisure, which means selling your home will have the same leisurely approach. Knowing if a realtor works full time, how many years they have done so, and how many (estimated) sales they have closed, is a great starting point and open-ended discussion to begin assessing which realtor is right for you.

What Kind of Marketing Tools Will You Use?

Marketing your home in Vancouver to the buying public is nearly the only way your home is going to get sold, apart from word of mouth. So having someone who can market it extensively, via various outlets, will better ensure your home is seen by a wider audience, resulting in a quicker sale, with a possible increase in the selling price if more than one buyer is interested. So do not hesitate to ask the all-important marketing question, and ensure the realtor you hire harnesses modern methods of marketing.

What Is Your Mode of Communication?

In this modern and busy day and age, finding someone who is willing to communicate in a way that best suits your lifestyle is important. If you have a realtor who is insistent on phone calls, but you much prefer to touch base via text or email, then it is likely there is going to be a breakdown in communication. So ensure you ask what forms of communication they are open to, and see if that fits your lifestyle.

How Do You Get Paid?

The bottom dollar counts, to everyone. So asking a realtor how they get paid, when this transaction happens, and the total cost for selling your home – is critical. Don’t get stuck signing a contract that has you paying for things you weren’t aware of.

What About Me?

As a KW real estate agent in Vancouver, I work full time for each and every one of my clients, and am backed by the most cutting edge marketing tools on the market. I am available via any communications method that works best for the client, and will discuss in full detail and disclosure as to my commissions.

I am here to help …and look forward to doing so!