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I’ve been sharing a lot of information about what should you do for better real estate lead generation, why lead segmentation can turn the tables for you, and how you can take benefit from lead nurturing. I hope that these tips have helped as they have helped me in my real estate lead generation process.

Today, I won’t share what you should do. Today, I will share what you should not do intentionally or unintentionally in the process of real estate lead generation.

Even after knowing all the “To-Dos”, marketers still miss crucial points. They grasp the knowledge only from the surface and miss the depth.

Here are the most common lead generation mistakes that marketers do. These minor mistakes leave a major impact on the overall campaign performance.

Not Using Landing Page

Landing pages are designed with the goal to convert. There isn’t much text in it, it doesn’t have website navigation, and it just pitches the product or service. Marketers don’t bother having a separate landing page for their product or service. They simply put everything on their website’s service page. They think, they will get traffic and the visitor can navigate the whole website. This is not the recommended approach for lead generation.

Take for Instance: You have a deadline of selling a particular Condo in Vancouver by the end of the month. Instead of directing your visitors to the web page where they can see all the listed properties, you create a separate landing page for the targeted Condo in Vancouver you want to sell. This way you increase the chances of selling that particular Condo in Vancouver.

Thinking CTA is just a Button

CTA is not your average button. It’s a gateway for visitors to become leads. It’s color, placement, text, everything plays an important role. Marketers either don’t put a CTA button or put a lot of them which confuses the visitor.

Even if they put the right number of CTAs, they don’t give a second look to its color, text, and position. Some of them have even put the CTA button of the same color as the background.

Highlighting CTA Button

CTA Button Position

Size of Text of CTA Button


Lead Capturing Form

Have you ever given a thought to the number of questions to ask in your lead capturing form? Are the questions to many? Are these too less? Or Are the questions necessary enough to get the info what you need?

The goal of the campaign will help you decide the questions. If the campaign is just for the newsletter, then you just need an email and full name. If it is for product selling, then you need an address and contact information. A form with too many questions can repel the leads.

Note: Keep your lead capturing form above the fold.

above the fold form


Long form in Lead Capturing Form


Not Encapsulating The Lead Capturing Form

Similar to the CTA button, marketers don’t encapsulate their form. Without encapsulating, it just looks like the normal text or worse, visitors won’t it.

The form should be given borders that would separate it from the rest of the text. There should be a title text above of the form and CTA button at the bottom. It shouldn’t get mixed with the rest of the text.

Encapsulation of Lead Generation Form


Not Explaining the Benefits

You have a brilliant product, we get it. But if you keep talking about its features in the text without mentioning how it will benefit the users, the audience won’t get the idea why they should buy it.

A user-focused tone is always based on ‘how it will benefit the buyer’. Even on the landing page where you pitch the offers, always display the benefits of the products/services to the users. Without such information, users won’t know the value of the product for them.

Text, Text, and Text

Too much text becomes monotonous. When marketers begin writing benefits, they just keep on writing, putting everything into words, and pulling of the interest factor for the audience. The interest factor can be maintained by giving the information in the mixture of text and graphical representation.

Whenever I plan for any online campaign, I prepare the list of things that should be in the campaign and should not be in the campaign. And, I each aspect of my campaign with respect to the list I prepared. This eases my work and helps me get things done on time.

These blogs will help you create a checklist for yourself.

The list of common lead generation mistakes has not ended. There are more to come in the next blog. So, stay tuned for Common Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid (Part -2).

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