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Continuing to the common lead generation mistakes, today I will share 7 more such mistakes that are hampering the digital marketing campaigns and lead generation processes. Being a realtor, you don’t have to adapt core digital marketing skills to practice the best lead generation methods. Once you clutch these tips, you can do it on your own.

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Going for Quantity Over Quality

Number of leads generated matters, but this shouldn’t be the priority. Priority must be treating each potential lead with sincerity and focusing on individual leads. We don’t sell cola bottles in real estate where our customer base is in millions. Realtors should look for long term relation with their best clients. Realtors make the mistake of going after quantity and in the process of that; they miss out quality in their service.

So, don’t keep on filling your sales pipelines with irrelevant leads. Those leads will waste your time and resources.

Quantity Quality Sign Shows Approval Satisfied And Guarantee

Not Aligning Marketing and Sales Departments

Before aligning sales and marketing departments one needs to understand how a lead is defined for both the departments. Once a marketing qualified lead is sales-ready, it should be sent to the sales department. If a sales-ready lead retreats, then it is sent back to the marketing department.

The catch here is that marketing department and sales department must share a common definition of marketing qualified lead and sales qualified lead. That way, both will know which department will handle the lead when the lead reaches a particular state in the sales cycle.

Sales and Marketing Together


It’s a two decade old practice that doesn’t align with today’s inbound methodologies. The need of the hour is treating each lead separately and customizing messages for it. You just can’t send the same message to every contact in the list.

For Instance: Assume you have 15% leads in your contact list are ready to buy a property and 35% of the leads are the ones who are still finding the right property and 25% of the contacts are the first time buyers.
You can pitch ‘buy this property at best price’ to all of them.

15% leads (Sales-ready leads) should get the message ‘buy this property at best price or discount available’
35% of the leads (awareness stage) should get ‘Finding difficulty in choosing the right property to buy? Here are the best options for you.’
25% leads (first time buyer) should get ‘Tips for the first time property buyers’

Now, imagine pitching the same message to all of them, which, in fact, a big blunder in lead generation
The first time buyers are getting the message ‘Buy this property at best price’
Sales-ready leads getting the message ‘Tips for the first time property buyers’

Customized Message for Clients

Automating Everything

When I tell realtors to install and work on marketing automation software, they simply install and automate everything. If software allows you to automate the process, this doesn’t mean you should automate everything.  Only automate the processed that are time consuming and doesn’t require or improve your core skills.

The tasks of creating messages, emails, social media posts that need customization/personalization. Realtors make the mistake of automating this task also.

Don't Automate Everything

Not Following the Analytics

There’s a separate work class of analyzers who after reviewing and analyzing the weekly, monthly, quarterly reports predict and plan for ahead. Facebook insights, Google analytics, Twitter analytics, and Email Marketing analytics are offered for free which are crucial for your campaign’s success. Realtors make the mistake of just doing things, and if they get good results first time, they don’t even bother looking at the analytics. But, if someone wants constant good results, analytics are important.

Studying analytics lets you know which of your practices are working for you and which are not so you can make changes in your plan and improve your results.

data analysis

Not Optimizing for Mobile

We are majorly working on our desktops, but do you realize what your clients/customers are using. The majority of the device share among the customers is smartphones and tablets.

We, when work on our desktops, optimize everything as per it, and completely forget the device that our customer base is using thus, not optimizing our strategy for mobile. Landing Pages, social media images, and email templates, all need to be optimized for mobile for optimum performance and maximum reach.

Not mobile optimized

image source

Not A/B Testing

A/B testing or split testing can be applied on landing pages, email templates, CTA buttons, web pages, contact forms. A/B testing is done to see what’s working best for you.

By running a test on your CTA button, you get know the colour, the placement, and the text that is working for you. Here you take two types of CTA button. Run your campaign for a week using one each time. The results will tell you which button performed best.

By running a test on your Landing page, you get to know which type of landing page is getting maximum response. Do as you did in case of CTA buttons.

In case of emails, you get to know the best subject line, body text, timing to send the email and the template for your email campaign.
Always remember to test out one element at a time.
1st Test: Colour
2nd Test: Text
3rd Test: Placement
4th Test: Size
5th Test: Timing
By doing so, you’ll know which element to keep and which one to change. By changing multiple elements in one test, you wouldn’t know that which element did affect the campaign’s performance.


image source

So, next time when you design your lead generation campaign, make sure you don’t repeat these common lead generation mistakes. Plus, you can now check whether the digital marketer you hired is doing a good job or not.

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