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The combination communities of Renfrew and Collingwood, is a large all-inclusive Vancouver neighbourhood on the east side of the city, bordering alongside Burnaby


The combination communities of Renfrew and Collingwood, is a large all-inclusive Vancouver neighbourhood on the east side of the city, bordering alongside Burnaby. It is one of the earliest developed portions of Vancouver, and as such, is diverse in both its residential community, as well as the business and retail community collectively.

With a population well over 45,000 (2001 statistics), Renfrew – Collingwood is definitely a bustling neighbourhood, covering a span of over 8 km, and one that continues to grow in population.

Renfrew – Collingwood borders Broadway to the north, Nanaimo Street to the west, East 41st Avenue to the south, and Boundary Road to the east.

Kingsway runs through the area as well, along with Grandview Hwy, making this area a mainstream location for traffic, but also an easily accessible neighbourhood to get into and out of.

Colonel Richard Moody made his mark on the – then unnamed Collingwood area back in 1861, building a military route through the First Nations trail leading from English Bay to New Westminster, claiming over a kilometer of land as his own.

However, George Wales was the first to actually settle there in 1878, and by 1891 the railway began to build the community we see today, creating easy access for “out of towners” to construct homes and businesses.


Today East Van is home to all walks of life, and offers everything from opulent to afforable, modern to remodeled, and spacious to quaint. East Vancouver is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet, with the Fraser River to the south, and the city of Burnaby to the east. In addition, the community of East Van is divided by Main Street on the West Side of Vancouver, spanning quite a large area and giving people a variety of real estate buying options on every corner.


Still Creek remains a wooded area surrounded by Renfrew Ravine Park, offering trails for walking or running, and even a meditation area. As well as Norquay Park, Slocan Park and Renfrew Community Park can all be found in this neighbourhood, and all offer playgrounds for kids or the young at heart to enjoy.

In addition, two public libraries, a community centre and a public pool can be found in the Renfrew – Collingwood area, and a plethora of schools are also sprinkled amidst this neighbourhood, offering families a great place to raise kids.


With the SkyTrain delivering multiple stations throughout this community, it’s an easy commute into the city. And because the Vancouver Film School is also found here – it is a big draw for young people just starting out.

“Eco-Density” is a new term alluding to multiple developments in a small area, and when built right – it actually unfolds in a welcoming way. And with Renfrew – Collingwood continually growing in that direction, it is a great Vancouver hub for families and first time buyers alike.

So whether you call Vancouver home and are looking for a local community fix, or are contemplating buying in Vancouver and wish to wander the districts that make up our fabulous city …ensure Renfrew – Collingwood is one of your stops along the way. It’s a genuine gem, and well worth the stop!