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Every Realtor has been through it. You know, getting your business online, spending a fortune in lead generation marketing to generate real estate buyer lead and soon realizing you are spending more than you are getting in return – Lower ROI. I am here to discuss not what I read online or what someone suggested me. I am here to discuss what changes I did on my website to grab more real estate buyer leads. Now, it doesn’t involve spending hefty amounts of cash. Trust me; I’m not here to make a hole in your pocket. What I’m going to share will keep your money in your pocket; fill up your sales cycle with new real estate leads, and open doors for countless business opportunities via lead generation marketing.

What Did I Actually Do? – I Went Out-Of-The IDX Listing Box

I’m sure you all are familiar with the term IDX (Internet Data Exchange). For those who are not, IDX is how you bring and showcase MLS Listings on your website. There are of course some rules that a site has to follow to showcase MLS Listings. And, you need a software plugin to do that on your website. This indexing is an advantage: that’s the general notion for IDX listings. Anything that is indexed is an advantage, but there are plenty of websites with similar listings, which makes your content highly syndicated which kills the uniqueness of your content, killing the USP of your content. And, these real estate listings go off/online now and then eliminating the chances of your websites getting the inbound links. Result? Not much organic traffic search results for you.

Going Out-Of-The-Box

Instead of using IDX for hoping to receive Google juice, I went the other way around for the unique searches directly from Google. I simply cut out the middleman here – IDX.

How Did I Do That?

I incorporated IDX searches into Google index-able pages on my website, which helped Google track my pages directly and not through IDX search. It’s a simple SEO technique.

Step 1 – Find a long tail keyword or search query that’s relevant to your target audience. In the real estate industry, the long tail keyword would look like “Condos in Downtown Vancouver for Sale”. This is something that real estate leads for realtors would search.

Step 2 – You optimize the content of the page around this long tail keyword. Keep the keyword ratio of 2-2.5 times per 100 words.

It’s done! Yes! It is that simple.

How Does It Help?

There are two kinds of keywords, Short Tail and Long Tail Keywords. Let’s see the differences between them.

Short Tail – Search volume of these keywords is high, but getting ranked on these keywords is difficult. For the real estate industry, the short tail keyword would be Condos in Vancouver, Vancouver Downtown Condos, Vancouver Property Price, etc.

As the search volume of these keywords is high, the competition is tough on these keywords and you don’t get ranked well in short time.

To grow our business we need leads, hardcore leads that have high chances to get converted, for which we need long tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords or Search Phrases – Search volume is low, but getting ranked on these keywords is easy plus conversion rate of traffic is high. A long tail keyword like “Condos in Downtown Vancouver for Sale” would be searched only by the one who has made up his mind to buy as he has his budget set, location set, and he knows the type of property he wants. This kind of visitor gets easily converted.

Another benefit of choosing long tail keywords is that you see in the keyword “condos in downtown Vancouver for sale”, phrases such as ‘Condos in Vancouver, downtown Vancouver’, are covered so we also get great chances of traffic. So, we get a great volume of organic traffic as well as potential leads for which we have dug up so much.

Condos in Downtown Vancouver for Sale Short Tail Keywords vs Long Tail keywords

Once the visitor is on your website, the next thing is your great original, unique, informational and sales pitch content that would entice the reader to contact you and you get a potential client in your sales funnel. That’s the place to bring in your USP.

Within a month of implementing this change, I saw changes in website’s rank and queries generated on my website.

Research well for the long tail search queries to incorporate in your website’s content.

So, are you ready to generate real estate buyer leads? For more information on that or anything you wish to know to grow your real estate business online, I’m always here to offer my real estate lead generation services. Drop a message on my email or give me a call.

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