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Arbutus Houses For Sale

A highly sought-after real estate investment opportunity within Vancouver

Arbutus Houses For Sale For Sale in Vancouver, BC

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About Arbutus Houses For Sale

The affluent neighbourhood of Arbutus, is a highly sought-after real estate investment opportunity within Vancouver. Sitting just West of Downtown Vancouver, Arbutus borders along the north side of 16th Avenue, with Quesnel Drive running to its west, West King Edward Avenue to the south and East Boulevard to the east. The spacious nature of the land also lends itself to tree-lined streets, and is in close proximity to amenities such as dining, shopping, schools and entertainment.

The Livability of Arbutus

You will find that the homes for sale in Arbutus are unlike much of other Vancouver neighbourhoods, in that it offers spacious homes with well-appointed plots of land. As one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Vancouver, the quality of the area is paramount and the foliage is breathtaking, fueled by large oak trees, narrow streets and plentiful charm.

The History of Arbutus

The British Columbia Electric Railway is largely to thank for the neighbourhood of Arbutus, and is actually the reason for many of the communities found throughout modern Vancouver. As part of the Lulu Island Railway, the commuter train that would chart its course through Arbutus made it an accessible location. Running all the way back to 1905, and all the way through to 1958, at which time this passageway was closed. However, it was definitely the catalyst in making a way for this community to grow into the bustling beauty it is today.

The Future of Arbutus

Arbutus is an excellent neighbourhood for families looking to invest into a prestigious Vancouver locale, and sits in close proximity to Kitsilano, UBC and Kerrisdale. Arbutus is known for its graceful opulence and fixed origins, while still being highly accessible to 4th Ave dining opportunities and shopping districts, as well as private schools in the area, and many local UBC and Kitsilano parks and recreational sights for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Arbutus is an original gem of Vancouver, one that I would love to introduce you to; offering you a tour of all the amazing scenic spots, local tastes and the thriving layout that this nestled Vancouver nook has to offer!

More Arbutus Houses For Sale For Sale

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Westside Vancouver Neighbourhoods

In your quest to find your perfect home in Westside Vancouver, you will come across many available opportunities to nestle into a house you will love. The neighbourhoods of the Westside all have pride of living there. Areas show well in each community with landscaped yards, clean commercial buildings and maintained public areas. Take a walk along one of the many paved trails in the Westside to enjoy the ever-changing scenery. Walk along the sand-lined beaches, ride one of the many bike paths, or simply enjoy a niche coffee shop. Each neighbourhood has something for everyone, I assure you that you will be happy in your area you call home. Let me provide you information and show you around to be better acquainted with the neighbourhoods. I am here to help, just let me know with an email, text or phone call.

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