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When it comes to creating curb appeal to help sell your home, one often thinks of a freestanding house with a yard and an actual curb. But did you know you can also create curb appeal for your Vancouver condo, helping it to become a welcoming space while creating a more enticing call to action?

It’s true! Allow me to explain how you can achieve Condo Curb Appeal, and set yourself apart from your neighbours or the condo down the street…

Create a Welcoming Entranceway

From the moment potential condo buyers in Vancouver arrive at your front door, they should feel a sense of welcome. Although it is not your job – by any means – to clear the main entranceway of clutter, it might be a good idea to take a quick look at your lobby and make sure unruly neighbours haven’t left a mess behind.

The same rings true for the mailroom, especially if potential buyers will be walking past it to get to your condo, or pass it by to go up the elevator. Clearing clutter allows for an unobstructed view and opinion of a new space.

Also, ensure your personal front door space is clean of any fingerprints, that your welcome mat is in pretty perfect shape, and that anything you normally might hang on your door (such as a wreath) is removed. This allows for buyers to envision your condo as their own, and not have to overcome your personal expression of home.

Show Off Hidden Treasures

Ask your realtor to show off hidden gems. If you have a picturesque rooftop common area, or a garden retreat on a separate floor, ensure whomever is showing your home also highlights these types of treasures, as they may be a selling feature that takes your condo from “I’ll think about it” to “sold!”.

Create a “Condo Curb”

Upgrade your patio with a simple patio set and fresh planters. Be cautious not to create a jungle, but offer a spot for nature – creating an enticing selling feature that can be pointed out from below.

These kind of simple measures will help to enhance your condo curb appeal, creating an environment people will want to call home, and helping you to sell quickly and for an asking price you decide on.

So when you’re ready to sell, I’m ready to help!