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Creating a Man Cave to Up-Sell Your Downtown Vancouver Condo sound of interest to you? Allow me to help you increase your property value by implementing these tips!

Setting Yourself Apart from Other Downtown Vancouver Condos For Sale

Setting yourself apart from other Downtown Vancouver Condos for Sale will play a key part in up-selling your space. Conventional real estate often suggest a flat, personality-free home in order to allow buyers to see themselves living in your condo. But modern practices are now proving that to be an inconsistent truth.

Sometimes homes that set themselves apart can make the difference in a sale. Whether it’s a feature living room wall, a custom kitchen, or a man cave for the many businessmen who are buying up Downtown Vancouver Condos, these are things that will set one condo apart from another, and brings in bigger buying prices.

Bachelors & Downtown Vancouver Apartments For Sale

The male demographic takes up a large part of the real estate buying power when it comes to Downtown Vancouver Apartments For Sale. Which is why a well thought out man cave will more likely fall into the hands of a male buyer, and lead them into a quick purchase.

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*MARKET REPORT for October 2017: sales of homes (including condos) in Metro Vancouver were 15% above the 10 year October average sales, mostly townhouses and condos. Find out more HERE


What To Avoid When Adding a Man Cave to Your Condo

Avoid Being Sports Team Centric…

Not all males are created from the same cloth, so keep your jersey of choice off your walls and avoid turning your man cave into a sports den.

Avoid Gender Assumptions…

Just because it’s a man cave, doesn’t mean it cant/won’t/shouldn’t appeal to women. There are many business professionals who live downtown that are women also, and they are looking to buy a Downtown Vancouver Condo too. So despite this special space being a “man cave”, this selling benefit may also appeal to women who enjoy a separate space or are simply ‘one of the guys’.


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Clearly Define Your Man Cave Space

Putting a large-screen TV in a den does not a man cave make. If you’re truly going to create a space dedicated to the authenticity of a man cave, it should include items such as:

  • High-end seating options …think rich, faded leather
  • Large screen TV or custom projection TV
  • State-of-the-art sound system
  • Fully stocked bar with all the high-end essentials
  • Craft beer station
  • Poker table
  • Black and white photography that lends itself to a masculine 40s lounge

Creating a Man Cave to Up-Sell Your Downtown Vancouver Condo is a great way to set yourself apart and add to your investment. All that’s required to complete the sale is to hire the right real estate agent who can sell your custom space to buyers by clicking HERE

If you or someone you know would like assistance with creating a man cave or hiring the right realtor for the job …I’m here to help!

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