Vintage boutiques, local food hot spots, and entertainment with an edgy vibe


Vancouver has many amazing areas in which to invest in real estate, and Mount Pleasant is one of them. This local community, which hovers around the Main Street area of Vancouver with Cambie Street to the west, Ontario Street to the east, West 6 th on the north and West 16 th to the south; it is fueled by vintage inspirations, local ingredient-based dining, a wide-range of nightlife and entertainment, and an all- around excellent area for those wanting to live in a diverse and alive neighbourhood.

The Livability of Mount Pleasant

Voted as the coolest spot to shop, dine and wander in Vancouver, Mount Pleasant wasn’t always this cool. But with the rise in popularity to “what’s old is new again”, Mount Pleasant now exceeds the mark as one of the most livable areas in which to purchase a place in Metro Vancouver. Running along the intersection of Main Street, Kingsway and Broadway, Mount Pleasant provides over 300 commercial gems where one can shop, bar hop, eat and wander, and is only a 10-minute cab ride into Downtown Vancouver. With Cambie Street to the west, Clarke Drive to the east and 10 th Avenue along its pathway – those ambitious enough to do so, can use the bike lane to commute in and out of Vancouver, increasing upon the old-school nature of this uptown beauty that is now move-in ready.

The History of Mount Pleasant

Once a working class neighbourhood, Mount Pleasant was known as a brewery district from 1888-1912, where many locals worked at the time. Although offering a local brewery is now what makes most neighbourhoods popular, at the time this was a means to an end, and what started off as “Brewery Creek” – is now Mount Pleasant. While still offering many original structures, this neighbourhood has undergone a massive facelift while still maintaining its era charm circa 1912, and remains a shiny penny for those looking to cash in on real estate in Mount Pleasant.

The Future of Mount Pleasant

A once ‘up-and- comer’, Mount Pleasant has now arrived as an established community in Vancouver, delivering mountain views, patio dining and endless cultural to-do’s, while also offering first-time homebuyers and retirees alike an excellent area to buy real estate in Mount Pleasant. Likewise, this is an community I would love to introduce hopeful homebuyers to, showing them a piece of history
that also delivers an excellent future investment!


Today East Van is home to all walks of life, and offers everything from opulent to afforable, modern to remodeled, and spacious to quaint. East Vancouver is bordered to the north by the Burrard Inlet, with the Fraser River to the south, and the city of Burnaby to the east. In addition, the community of East Van is divided by Main Street on the West Side of Vancouver, spanning quite a large area and giving people a variety of real estate buying options on every corner.


Once a more pronounced division was felt between West Vancouver and East Vancouver, where the west was known as more of a trendy fashion-conscious hub, and the east a more eclectic up-cycled artistic crowd. However, these stereotypes have all but vanished in Vancouver, and although people still tend to like to set themselves apart in some way, the area in which they live has become more about their chosen quality of life, conveniences, and what type of housing fits their budget.


Whether you are looking for quiet place to enjoy a coffee and a book, or take your family for a picnic, there are 9 local parks in Mount Pleasant at you doorstep. These parks also make Mount Pleasant a very dog friendly neighbourhood to settle down in. If you have a pooch, it is a pleasant area in which to live!

Mount Pleasant is truly that – pleasant, yet without being bored – at all. It is a brilliant community in which to invest in, and I would love to be able to show you the area and help you uncover how you would easily want to call this neighbourhood home!

So whether you call Vancouver home and are looking for a local community fix, or are contemplating buying in Vancouver and wish to wander the districts that make up our fabulous city …ensure Mount Pleasant is one of your stops along the way. It’s a genuine gem, and well worth the stop!