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So far, I have shared with you how to generate leads using various channels, how to manage leads in the marketing and sales process, how to nurture leads and how to avoid mistakes in your lead generation process. Today’s blog is based on one topic and one topic only i.e. LinkedIn Lead Generation.

Many marketers miss the trick I am about to discuss today. It’s not your average LinkedIn lead generation tactic. This tactic will teach you how to reach in potential’s client’s email inbox without knowing their email address. Yes, this can happen. LinkedIn helps you do that. When I applied this tactic for my LinkedIn lead generation campaign, I received an overwhelming response from it.

linkedin lead generation

To begin, you need to have a Linkedin account, premium if possible!

If you have a Linkedin Account you must have noticed that email you receive from Linkedin that tells you who has viewed your profile. What do you do when you receive that email? Most of you might ignore that email in particular. Some of you might visit the profiles of those who visit your profile.

Did you notice that people who you don’t know anything about are in your inbox and somehow making you visit their LinkedIn profile?

That’s what we have to do.

As a realtor, you target sellers and buyers. Now, if you cover only a region or a town, still there could be thousands of sellers and an equal number of buyers for that matter. You don’t know everyone’s email address or Linkedin Profile, but you do know they are from one particular place. Let’s say you serve in Vancouver and your work in condo sales in Vancouver.

For this LinkedIn lead generation strategy to work in your favor, you need to join the LinkedIn groups that are related to Vancouver and Vancouver condos. If you are not restricting yourself to an area, you can join the groups that are related to property types.

linkedin lead generation

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The next step is to visit profiles of the people who have joined that group. Just open the link. Now, we know there are 5,000 to 500,000 group members sometimes. You can make a schedule to visit a fixed number of profiles every day. You can either do it via an app called LinkClump or you can do it manually. It just takes a few minutes to click on 10 profiles at a time. Then you can continue doing your job. After an hour or so, click on 10 more and so on. Set the target of 50 or 100 profile visits per day.

Your action of profile visiting will send those people a notification and an email from Linkedin that you have visited their profile. For a moment, they look who you are what you do and the question that intrigues them the most is ‘Why he visited my profile?’ So, what they do is they visit your profile back. And, if the persons who have visited your profile back are either sellers or buyers, they might be interested in you as you are a realtor. That’s job done for you there.

Even for every 100 profile visits, you get 4-8 profile visits back and invite you to connect, these 4-8 people are likely to get your services because they have shown interest. They are in your sales cycle. The next step is to delight them.

This Linkedin lead generation tactic is used to make people feel your presence and grow your professional circle with the target audience. When you perform this tactic, make sure you have enabled the option of add connection for faster response.

It’s a practice of pitching yourself to the targeted audience without spending a penny.

The second phase of this practice is creating a group. If you haven’t come across any such groups on Linkedin that are related to your business or service niche, then you simply create a new group and add new members. This way you would know that people in a particular group have similar interest. You can pitch them the content of their liking.

Building group’s reputation takes time and a lot of good content, but it’s all worth it.

Now, the Big Question
After seeing the profiles in the group, why don’t simply send an invitation to connect on Linkedin?

You wouldn’t know by just seeing them in the group that they need your services or looking for a realtor. This tactic is for funneling the lead to the targeted ones. You can send them the invitation to connect who has viewed your profile back. The chances of working with them increase.

Once you connect with them, send them a customized message and schedule a meeting with them. Share your number with them. Once they are in your profile, the next step is to convert them into clients.

When I started visiting profiles of my target audience, I got 4% response. A few in those 4% viewed my profile and the left ones did send me an invitation. Those who only viewed my profile, I send them an invitation and a personal message to all those 4%. They are still in contact and I am building a good professional relationship.

Don’t simply rely on this single LinkedIn lead generation method; consider it an additional strategy when you don’t have time or resources. You will find other free and effective lead generation strategies mentioned in my previous blogs.

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