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Get familiar with the real estate selling processSelling single family houses in Vancouver is one of the largest transactions most of us will ever be involved in. Still, many people spend much less time for it than they spend while buying a vehicle. That’s because of the unfamiliarity of the process of real estate in Vancouver Canada for many of us. Meanwhile, most people don’t understand the process at all. We don’t know what questions to ask while selling single family houses in Vancouver. We may sometimes take things for granted. rely on others when we shouldn’t, and sometimes we later wish if we had known more about the process involved.

Selling single family houses in Vancouver is a major event, and we take care for the processes involved and ensure you understand  each step along the way.

Evaluate the price of your property

First and the foremost thing before starting the selling process in real estate Vancouver Canada is to get your property evaluated that you want to sell. The price that you ask for it, will play as the most important role in deciding the success ratio, number of offers you get and the duration of the whole process. Price of the single family houses in Vancouver will depend on many factors such as its condition of heating system, flooring, kitchen cabinets, electrical wiring, & age, location, amenities, etc.

When you employ a seller’s agent, you are responsible for providing him or her with accurate information concerning your single family house in Vancouver; for example, its age, the current financing arrangements, the condition of the roof and hot water heater, the property taxes, etc. The seller’s agent will also need your assistance and/or authorization to gather information about such things as the ownership details, the outstanding balance owing on the mortgage, the home’s assessed value, and the current zoning of the property.

All the above factors will justify the price that you will ask from the protential buyers.

Mastering the One Thing will Achieve Extraordinary Results – Gary Keller

After finalizing the listing price of your single family house in Vancouver, the most important tasks to do is advertise. Advertising your property for sale in real estate Vancouver Canada to the masses through best mediums. There are many commercial agency websites where you can post all the details of your property. Apart from these websites, you can post the advertisement in classifieds, being a good source of delivering information to masses. The professional agents already know the best mediums to utilize to drive traffic to your listing.

As the Seller’s agent for you, launching our proven marketing plan enables hundreds of searching buyers to view your property. A professional agent differentiates getting your home just sold… and Sold for the most amount of money.

From listing to closing, Andrew Szalontai, will be working for you to make sure the whole process of selling single family houses in Vancouver. You want the most amount of money, in the time frame that you want with the least amount of hassles.

Got an offer? Now what?

Once an interested buyer is found, a written offer to purchase the single family houses in Vancouver will be prepared. This offer is almost always written on a standard form entitled Contract of Purchase and Sale.

Your Seller’s agent will explain to you the process of receiving and reviewing offers in real estate Vancouver Canada. Do not be surprised if you are presented with offers that differ considerably from your listed asking price.

If multiple offers are brought to you, you are under no obligation or pressure to accept anyone offer over another.

What to look for in an offer with single family houses in Vancouver

All offers to purchase your home in real estate Vancouver Canada will contain a number of important details which you must consider, such as:

  1. Date on which the offer is made
  2. Full legal names and addresses of both the buyer and the seller
  3. Full legal description of the single family house in Vancouver
  4. Amount of the deposit
  5. Sale price
  6. Amount of the cash down-payment and details as to how the remainder of the purchase price will be financed
  7. Date for completion of the sale
  8. Date for possession of the home
  9. A list of the conditions which must be fulfilled before the sale can take place
  10. A list of items which are not attached to the building but which are to be included in the sale price; for example, drapes, refrigerator, stove, etc.
  11. Date and time at which the offer expires
  12. Signature of the buyer along with his/ her occupation.

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Your options for accepting or rejecting an offer

When you receive one or more offers to purchase your single family houses in Vancouver, give considerable time and attention to review each offer carefully. Your agent will assist you to understand the terms and conditions contained in the offer, and will provide you with any advice you request for regarding real estate Vancouver Canada.

Before you decide, your agent will prepare a revised estimate of the net cash proceeds you will receive on completion of the sale, based on the sale price and financing arrangements stated in the offer.

Your options:

  1. Accept the offer exactly as it is
  2. Make a counter-offer
  3. Reject the offer
  4. Ignore the offer

Completing the Sale

After accepting an offer, you will sign a Contract of Purchase and Sale. It will state the completion day and possession day of the transaction. On completion day, legal ownership will be transferred from you to the new owner in exchange for the purchase price of the house.

Hire Professionals

Selling single family houses in Vancouver is not an easy and instant task. You need to keep patience until a buyer is found willing to pay the most amount of money. To keep yourself stress-free and secure in the process, hire an agent who will search for buyers. One that will also show you their proven marketing plan, and most importantly, will handle all the paperwork for you. We are experts in our field, relieving you from all the stress related to real estate Vancouver Canada.

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