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Link building has been dead for years – say the people who fail to adapt to the changes and don’t leverage the link building for the lead generation. In the previous blogs, I have shared the tactics to reach out to your target audience. Today, I will share the techniques to make your target audience reach you.

That happens when your real estate website is ranking high in Google. And good rank comes with link building if done right of course.

Google favours good quality backlinks, that’s why it has listed Link building the number 1 factor for ranking and content being the king of ranking. So, both go hand in hand. If you are trying to rank well on Google without backlinks, you are fighting the battle with both hands tied behind your back.

If you don’t believe me, hear it directly from Google officials, Andrey Lipattsev. Andrey is a search quality senior strategist at Google who confirms that the first two ranking factors are Links pointing to your website and Content.

Now, when Google says so, you got to take it seriously and spend your time and money on it because you know it will generate good results.

Should you just get the paid links to your website if links are the most important ranking factor?
NO! Let me tell you what types of links Google favours

What Google thinks is a good link?

All links are not equal depending on the quality. Relevancy is the key. Links should be relevant to your business, to your audience and must be associated with the great content.

Natural high-quality links + People Loving the Content = Google Keeps you high-ranked

Let’s compare Bad Link Building with Good Link Building to shed more light on the both

Good Link Building Practice

Tips for Building Good High-Quality Backlinks

1. Ask for favour

Friends, relatives, or real estate colleagues, who have their website up and running, are a good source to get a backlink if you are new to it. Don’t tell them to put your website link in the sidebar or footer. Have them a blog written on their website that somehow links your business. Tell them to insert a link to your website in the blog content. If your friend’s website is relevant to your business niche, that’s icing on the cake.

2. Build Long Term Relationships

It’s a long shot, but a sure shot. A well built and maintained professional relationship goes a long way in the lead generation. You do it by indulging in a conversation in the comment section of the blog that is related to your niche or on Facebook under the post related to your business niche. By actively participating in such conversations you build good relations with people of your business community and increase your chances to getting backlinks.
If you do drop your website’s link in the comment, you are likely to get spammed by the blog owner.

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are another great way to get you a backlink. It’s a give and take relation. The other side gets a testimonial from you and you get a backlink from them. Be sure of giving a testimonial to the website that is higher that has a higher rank than your website and is relevant to your business niche.

4. Directory Listing

Not all directories are good and not all directories are bad. I recommend listing your website on the directories that regularly get updated, give you option of sharing content along with the link and related to your business niche. Having your website listed in such directory websites also help you index your website pages.

5. Guest Blogging

The website for which you are guest blogging must have high Domain Authority, trustworthy, and related to your business niche. The content or blog your write for them must be informational, educate the audience, add value to their website, well-written, professional, interesting, relevant to the topic and most importantly must not be promotional at all. Promotional blogs are rejected by the website owners. You can ask to put a backlink where you mention author’s profile.

6. Start Your Own Blog

You can have your blog setup on Blogger or WordPress with a different domain name if your website is also on WordPress. Keep updating your blog site with helpful information for the users. Have a set of keywords work for you. Keep the 80-20 ratio i.e. 80% blog should be informational and 20% of the blog should be promotional. Or you can simply leave a Call-To-Action at the end of each blog linking back to your website.

These are the Tips that help you BUILD your BACKLINKS. There’s another technique that let EARN your BACKLINKS.

Building the backlinks is all about your efforts in different areas to build good quality backlinks.
Earning the backlinks is all about your efforts at one place i.e. the content creation and you let the content do its work.
Let’s recall what Andrey Lipattsev said; the first two ranking factors are Links pointing to your website and Content. Now, we will focus on the content.

The ingredients of a Good content that Google loves are
Offers Solutions
Easy Accessible
Engages the Reader

Such Good content will bring you the backlinks naturally. And, by good content, I don’t mean only the written content. There’s a lot of scope for content to be interesting, relevant, valuable, solution oriented, desirable, and easily accessible.

We have Infographics, Powerpoint Presentations, Lists, case studies, reports, videos, transcripts, and podcasts.

Read my blog on best marketing material and lead generation mediums

In a Nutshell

Organic high-quality link building has always been hard. So, don’t lose hope if you don’t get desired results in short time by link building. It’s a long-term plan. Link building demands its own time and efforts. And, if you keep following the right techniques, your link building strategy will be on the right track soon.

Why am I saying this? Because people often move toward black hat ways to get link building done. Black Hat means illegal in Google’s language. And, if Google finds out that you are following black hat techniques, then it can penalize your website permanently. And, why go the Black Hat way when you need real people, real connection, and real relationship with your clients.

If you need any assistance in link building, share your queries with me.

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