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With spring in full swing, the Vancouver real estate market is heating up. Investors, first-time buyers, and those looking to sell their Vancouver condos to upgrade perhaps to a larger space, are all keen on looking into both buying and selling property in Vancouver. If you find yourself in the position of wanting to sell your Vancouver condo, ensure that you are setting yourself apart from your neighbour, and not potentially losing out on a sale by not highlighting the features specific to our city.

Show Off Your View of Vancouver’s Scenery

SELLING TIP: Create an unobstructed view

Vancouver is gorgeous; so let the light shine in and keep your windows clear of clutter, debris and obstructions in order to show it in all its glory and splendor!

If you are selling your condo in Vancouver, you likely have some form of an amazing view. Maximizing on this view and ensuring you don’t have plants, furniture, a TV stand or other items obstructing both the light and visual aspect, will better ensure the neighbour beside or above you doesn’t sell their condo instead of you, or for a increased price because of its “curbside” appeal.

VANCOUVER FACT: Did you know that Vancouver’s Stanley Park offers over 1000 acres of parkland? This makes it even larger than Central Park in New York City, and nearly as large as the entirety of downtown Vancouver itself! It is city gems like this that make Vancouver such a picturesque haven for tourists and locals alike. Many come for the beautiful mountains, oceanfront views, and spatial landscape …and many stay for that very reason as well.


Present Your Condo with Great Property Photos

SELLING TIP: Don’t underestimate the power of professional photography

I have yet to see a condo in Vancouver I wouldn’t be proud to show when it is properly arranged for showing, so ensure your home is sitting pretty from the first photo shoot to the final showing, in order to best display your house for sale in Vancouver.

Having the right images for potential buyers to view is imperative to gain interest in showings – the wrong photos will mean that potential buyers will count you out before you even get the chance to show your apartment or condo. Whether your home was messy the day you took the photos, or it was a grey rainy day, or even if you have a pet displayed in one of your shots… these can all be deterrents for those looking for a condo to purchase in Vancouver. YES. I did just say that a pet in your property images is a BAD THING. Although many buyers would like a pet friendly building, and a pet friendly building a an amazing selling feature to highlight, even pet owners would prefer to purchase an apartment or condo that was pet free beforehand.

Speak to the Vancouver Buyer

SELLING TIP: Paint a picture of a health conscious life in your condo

Vancouver is one of the most health conscious cities in Canada, and most people looking to live within downtown Vancouver are eager to take in all that the downtown area has to offer. Whether that’s jogging on the seawall, taking in an outdoor CrossFit session, participating in a plethora of yoga or other fitness classes or other such active healthy lifestyle choices, the downtown scene is filled with health conscious people – and health conscious buyers! You will want to attract those buyers by highlighting the features of your condo. Do you have a gym in your building? A rooftop garden? Enough room on your patio for morning yoga? List the features that the city of Vancouver offers your buyer within walking distance of your home: fitness studios (especially trendy offerings such as Balletfit, Barre, Bikram, Crossfit etc) city parks, independent coffee shops, beaches, community centers, libraries, world class restaurant, vegan and vegetarian dining options, farmer’s markets, hiking trails etc.

I cannot stress enough – if you are a smoker who smokes within your residence, consider having your place professionally cleaned in order to rid your walls and flooring of any smoke residue, and ensure this is not a deterrent for any individuals who might be turned away from what they could perceive as a permanent smell of smoke in your home.

Vancouver is a beautiful city with a lot to offer it’s residents. As a Vancouver born realtor, I know the key selling points of my hometown and I would love to help you sell your home to the right buyer, for the best price. Call or email me today for a free consultation.

IMAGE CREDIT: By InSapphoWeTrust from Los Angeles, California, USA (Stanley Park, Vancouver) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons