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The Vancouver Pride celebrations are a world-renowned event that has put Vancouver on the map as a progressive, cultured and inclusive community of city-dwellers who are proud to celebrate their individuality.

Vancouver Pride Origins

Since the first Pride celebration that took place back in 1973 when the Gay Alliance Toward Equality gathered in Ceperly Park, it has come a long way, with an actual Pride Parade coming together a few short years later in 1978.

Pride Parade Founder

Still, it wasn’t overly embraced for many years after that, and the city of Vancouver largely has Barb Snelgrove to thank for the progress the Pride Parade has made. Barb was one of the frontiers that founded this parade, and as such, she was inducted into the Queer Hall of Fame in 2013 for blazing this trail on behalf of the gay and lesbian community.

Pride Parade 2016 Celebrations

The Pride Parade and events that surround it are truly full-fledged fun. With highly spirited displays around Davie Street and English Bay, this coming-together celebration of the lesbian and gay community is also joined with the bisexual and transgender crowd as well. And with last year bringing in well over half a million people, it is an explosion of lifestyle rights unlike any other that is expected to exceed these numbers yet again.

This year’s Pride parade also has a special guest on honour – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who will be joining the celebrations and walking the parade to greet and support this community and event.

Pride Parade Details

The Pride Parade itself will take place July 31, 2016 from 12pm – 3pm PM. It will extend from Robson Street at Thurlow Street, continuing through the West End on Denman Street, and finish at the Sunset Beach Festival site.

With 150 parade entries, it is anticipated to be one of the best Pride Parades to date, and offers a lengthy 3 hour route for an afternoon-long event. Following which there will be a giant waterfront bash known as the Sunset Beach Festival, where you can listen to live music, browse vendor booths, enjoy the beer garden or simply sit and take in your surroundings!

Plus, don’t miss the Davie Street party happening from the Community Stage at Davie Street’s historic Rainbow Crosswalk at Bute Street, with beer gardens and a display of the annual Wimple-In ceremony of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the LGBTQ2+ community groups and artists from all around Vancouver, as well as the businesses of Davie Street – it will kick off the fun in Gay Pride fashion!

IMAGE CREDIT: By Philippe Giabbanelli (Own work)