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As a Yaletown Condo Specialist, I am here to help you find ways to ‘Maximize Your Yaletown Condos Selling Price’. You can do so with a few simple steps that I want to share with you!

Yaletown Real Estate Listings – Simple Ways to Set Yourself Apart

Whether buyers are looking for Yaletown Ultra Luxury Condos or they are seeking Yaletown Lofts, buying Vancouver real estate as an investment a lot of local and foreign buyers are seeking. Which is something that you, as a Condo Owner in Downtown Vancouver, can cash in on!

Making the most of your condo sale in Vancouver will require you to set yourself apart. So ensure that when a buyer walks into your home, they are met with an environment that is both sterile and inviting.

This requires you to ensure that all your sentimental items are put away, allowing a buyer from any walk of life to be able to see themselves living in your Yaletown condo for sale. Otherwise, they are having to mentally repackage the picture to do so.

Clearing the clutter in your condo is truly the simplest way to create the right environment for buyers. This is surprisingly not often done by other sellers – easily setting you apart.

Maximize Your Yaletown Condos Selling Price with a Neutral Selling Environment

  1. Refresh your paint colour to a neutral tone
  2. Replace any carpets in your condo with hardwood flooring
  3. Remove pictures from your walls if you tend to have clusters of personal photos
  4. Put out fresh flowers for showings
  5. Consider a nice display of Cobs Bread eats
  6. Provide your favourite local coffee for potential buyers to enjoy the taste of the neighbourhood

Added Tools for Increasing the Value of Your Home

Home improvements such as: hardwood floors, an updated kitchen, new bathroom cabinets (or even hardware) can increase your selling potential by 54%. Which means these small investments are also increasing the appraised value of your home, putting more money in your pocket for the sale of your condo.

Curious what your downtown Yaletown luxury condo might sell for? Your real estate might be worth more than you think, and I can help you turn your investment into a profitable sale quickly!

Andrew Szalontai, Vancouver Realtor

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