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The nature of a deposit, as it pertains to real estate, is not always understood by the general public. Which is why I’m here to help explain it, and unveil What Happens to a Deposit When Buying a Vancouver Condo!

When Do You Pay a Deposit?

Most buyers have the choice of either paying a deposit when an offer is made, or paying it within 24 hours of the offer being accepted. It should be noted though, that when looking at Coal Harbour Condos for Sale in Vancouver, you would be one of many putting in an offer. As such, putting down your deposit along with your offer, shows the seller the serious nature of your offer – and it is wise to do so.

Can You Get Out of a Deal If No Deposit Was Paid?

In short, no. If you have given an offer and it is accepted, you are legally obligated to then purchase the home, unless other terms have been agreed upon beforehand with the seller, usually meaning some sort of financial benefit.

What Happens to a Deposit When Buying a Vancouver Condo & Are There Consequences for a Late Deposit?

A seller can actually cancel the deal if a deposit is not paid in full within the agreed upon terms of the paperwork. With many buyers looking to purchase a Vancouver Yaletown Condos for Sale, a late deposit can mean losing out on a sale to the next buyer. So ensure you have the funds ready to go once you make an offer.

How Much Is a Deposit?

Your deposit will vary depending on the property and location, but it is something I’m happy to discuss with you in further detail upon showing you your chosen condo. However, something along the lines of 5% of the purchase price would be a minimum to consider.

Are Deposits Refundable if the Home Inspection Comes Up Negative?

Everyone wants a smooth buying transaction when purchasing Coal Harbour Condos for Sale in Vancouver. However, every now and then there can be a hiccup to an inspection resulting in a buyer wanting to pull out of his or her deal. Although rare, it does happen, and it can either be an agreeable situation, or become rather complicated. As long as your home inspection was a subject condition that you didn’t remove from the agreement, you are entitled to a refundable deposit. Another matter I’m fully willing to go over with any potential buyers when looking at Vancouver Yaletown Condos for Sale.

Although a deposit might seem like an added step to your buying process, it’s actually there for your good, and I’m here to help you map your way through all your Downtown Vancouver condo purchasing decisions every step of the way!